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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

During the COVID-19 pandemic many people find themselves without a secure source of food. The proprietors of Occasionally Yours are preparing hot meals several days each week for 100 people in Chester and other areas of Delaware County who might otherwise not eat. Please help us help them pay for the food itself through a donation to SSCA. We will forward the entire amount of your donation, including the transaction fees, to Occasionally Yours. If you would prefer to mail your donation and not incur any transaction fees, please mail it to SSCA, P.O. Box 306, Swarthmore, PA 19081. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

About Us

Why we're here

Senior citizens of Swarthmore and surrounding communities consider themselves an integral and active part of our Borough.

What we do

We are here to promote the well-being of seniors, as well as others in the community, by providing a welcoming environment for social interaction, learning opportunities, and exploring resources through a variety of activities and programs. 

Be a part of us

You are welcome, no matter your age or interests, to participate in our programs and services.

Special Notice regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We are dedicated to keeping seniors (and others) healthy. We are advising everyone to follow the directions of the State Department of Health and the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). One of those directions to isolate ourselves in our homes. For that reason, SSCA has suspended all of its group activities until May 31, at which time the Board will reassess the situation and make a determination on activities after that date. Many of our planned programs will be rescheduled for a later date. On-going activities will resume when it seems prudent to do so. 

SSCA will post relevant updates from health authorities, online resources, local business information, and ideas to occupy oneself while socially isolation seems like the best approach.

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Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Council of Advisors

Council of Advisors

Board members are elected by the membership to three-year terms. Officers are elected by the Board.


Sheila Bell, Secretary

Louise Coffin, Vice President, Communications Chair

Nancy Daniel, Development Chair

Bill Davis, Senior Wellness Fair Chair

Sue Dawes, Intergenerational Chair

Ann Foster, Membership Chair

Shirley Mitrovich, Director

Judie Neale, Director

Linton Stables, President

Dan Snyder, Director

Gudrun Weinberg, Treasurer

Alice “Putty” Willetts, President Emerita


Committee Chairs

who are not Board members:

Barbara Bernhardt, Sunshine Chair

Sue Lawson, Arts and Crafts Chair

Carol Menke, Swarthmore Trails and Walks Chair

Council of Advisors

Council of Advisors

Council of Advisors

Advisers are eminent members of the community who act as mentors to the Board and keepers of the flame.


Doug Bender

Peter Bloom

Eck Gerner

Gudmund Iversen

Christine Polito

G. Guy Smith

Ann Torregrossa


Council of Advisors


Our Administrator keeps everything moving and in good order. She schedules speakers, trips, and other programs, and she keeps our communications flowing.

Our Administrator is

Stephanie McDonough.

Contact Stephanie using the Contact Us link below.

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Every Wednesday we have a noontime program with interesting and entertaining topics. We start at noon with lunch (on the first Wednesday of each month lunch is provided for everyone; otherwise bring your own). The program starts at 12:30 and lasts until 1:30 p.m.

Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association

129 Park Avenue, Post Office Box 306, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081, United States

Call the president at 610-544-3876. Mail may be sent to Post Office Box 306, Swarthmore, PA 19081

The Gathering Place

Open today

09:00 am – 04:00 pm


The Gathering Place, Swarthmore United Methodist Church

129 Park Avenue, Swarthmore

Please note that Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association and the Gathering Place are not affiliated with our host congregation. Ours is a civic organization and our activities are open to all who reside in Swarthmore and the surrounding communities.

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