Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association

Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association

Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association

Swarthmore Senior Citizens AssociationSwarthmore Senior Citizens Association

Senior Wellness Fair

Swarthmore Senior Wellness Fair

The Wellness Fair is a time and a place to share ideas for making our lives better as we grow older in Swarthmore. At the same time we hope to have fun! The next Senior Wellness Fair will be on Saturday, March 28, 2020, at the Inn at Swarthmore. The theme is Expanding Options, and the topics are designed to benefit all who are contemplating retirement, helping parents and others who are already seniors, or those who are seniors themselves.

Speakers, Exhibitors, and a Time to Socialize

We have exciting speakers addressing topics from positive aging to home renovations, from physical fitness to dealing with loss, as well as financial considerations.

Non-profit and for-profit organizations are at the Wellness Fair to show you and speak with you about your path to positive aging. 

Space is set aside to meet and have conversations with your neighbors. Coffee and snacks are available throughout the day, and a complimentary light lunch is served.

Invitation to Become a Sponsor

Your company or agency is welcome to become one of our sponsors for the 2020 Senior Wellness Fair. We are seeking sponsors who provide services and goods to the senior market, including those who are approaching senior status and those who are caregivers for seniors. Use the link below to get to the Contact Us link.