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Senior Wellness Fair

Swarthmore Senior Wellness Fair

Swarthmore Senior Wellness Fair

Swarthmore Senior Wellness Fair

The Wellness Fair is a time and a place to share ideas for making our lives better as we grow older in Swarthmore. At the same time we hope to have fun! The next Senior Wellness Fair will be on Saturday, March 28, 2020, at the Inn at Swarthmore. The theme is Expanding Options, and the topics are designed to benefit all who are contemplating retirement, helping parents and others who are already seniors, or those who are seniors themselves.

Senior Wellness Fair 2020

Swarthmore Senior Wellness Fair

Swarthmore Senior Wellness Fair

The 2020 Senior Wellness Fair is on Saturday, March 28, 2020,. This will be the third annual Wellness Fair!

This year’s theme is Benefits and Challenges, covering the many advantages of being older, while recognizing and helping us deal with some of the challenges that also accompany this stage of life. An exciting group of speakers has been assembled, bringing us the latest in thinking and planning for growing older in Swarthmore. Our featured speakers are experts who know our community and have knowledge in their special fields that they will share with us. 

Alice “Putty” Willetts and Irma Zimmer Keynote:  The Issues to Watch For in the 2020 Elections

Joanne Grossi, President of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), will speak on the issues of particular interest to seniors.

Older and Wiser: Issues for Your Gender Men and women may have a lot in common as they grow older, but we also have gender-specific issues. In separate sessions, women and men will discuss gender-specific medical, emotional, and psychological issues. Ask an anonymous question here and it will be presented to the health professionals at the Wellness Fair. 

Family Caregiving  Many families care for their loved ones, either at home or in a nearby home. Brian Duke MHA, MBE, will discuss caregiving for a family member.

Spirituality and Growing Older Seniors may have “seen it all,” but that doesn’t mean that we understand it all. Lydia Muñoz M.Div., interim pastor of Swarthmore United Methodist Church, and James F. McIntire M.Div., Esq., pastor of Royersford United Methodist Church, will address the spiritual (not necessarily religious) issues faced by seniors.

Move Your Body! New this year will be opportunities to get moving and get healthy right on site! Easy Self Defense will be facilitated by Mike Wagner; Chair Yoga will be led by Ann MacMullan as will Balance.

Let’s Bring it Home: Senior Housing in Swarthmore in our Borough (other than living in our current homes): Mixed-Use Downtown Residences and Co-Housing. A short presentation on the two main options that exist for senior housing, followed by an open discussion on what we need to do to actually make one or both of these options happen. Beth Murray will present on Mixed-Use Downtown Residences, and Lynn Gaffney will speak on the Co-Housing option. Marty Spiegel, Mayor of Swarthmore, will facilitate the discussion to follow. There will be follow-up meeting for both housing directions on the following morning, Sunday, March 29, at Swarthmore United Methodist Church, 129 Park Avenue.

Space is set aside to meet and have conversations with your neighbors. Coffee and snacks are available throughout the day, and a complimentary light lunch is served.

Invitation to Become a Sponsor

Your company or agency is welcome to become one of our sponsors for the 2020 Senior Wellness Fair. We are seeking sponsors who provide services and goods to the senior market, including those who are approaching senior status and those who are caregivers for seniors. Use the link below to get to the Contact Us link.

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