Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association

Swarthmore Senior Citizens Association

Swarthmore Senior Citizens AssociationSwarthmore Senior Citizens Association

Swarthmore Walks and Trails


Our Purpose

We encourage everyone--seniors as well as all other age groups--to spend more time outdoors walking and getting to know your neighbors. Whether it's going to the Farmer's Market, to the Co-op, or to the SEPTA station, walking is the best way to get there!

In order to encourage walking we are documenting all the existing walks and trails in the Borough and on the College campus. Rather than printing maps, we have chosen to use a smartphone app to map all the walks, and to provide information that will help you have a better experience.

Help us Beta-Test our First Walk

1. Download the app on your smart phone. Do this ON YOUR SMART PHONE, not on your computer.

Apple iPhone: Go to the App Store 

Android phone: Go to the Google Play store 

Search (look for the magnifying glass) for AllTrails. When you find it (a green icon with a logo that looks like two mountain peaks) click on it.

        Click on the free version and it will download.

2. Install the app on your smart phone.

Click Install.

3. Start the app on your smart phone.

Find the app (it will have the same green mountain logo, and may be installed in an Apps folder). Click on it.

4. Sign up for AllTrails. You will have to provide your name, an email address, and a password. You will need to allow AllTrails to access your location. This will allow the app to show you where you are on a trail.

5. Get the map of the trial trail.

Press the Profile icon at the bottom right of your phone screen. On the list on that screen, fourth down is the word Following. Press on that.

Search for Swarthmore Community. Press the magnifying glass icon or Search, and then type in Swarthmore Community. When you see it, press on that. Press on Profile again (in the lower right hand corner of the screen). Fourth down from the top will be Maps. Press on that.

6. When you see Swarthmore Stroll, press on that and the map of our first trail will appear. It is a short (0.6 mile) path around the Swarthmore College campus.

7. Go and walk the trail. Your location will be shown as a blue dot. If you are off campus when you start this, zoom way out until you see your blue dot. For this trail you might consider parking at the Benjamin West House lot and walking up to the Bond Rose Garden to start.

8. While you are walking, please take notes. Is the app working? Could you click on the waypoints (yellow dots) and get additional information along the trail? Was the trail (the red line) accurate? Is there something you would like to see on the app that wasn't there?

9. Complete our short online survey about your experience.